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Get to know about YAGYA Organic Smokes

Yagya Multi Use Lokta Organic Candles

Lets Bring Nature Home, Now Every House will have a Yagya Protection Everyday, 100% Eco-Friendly Chemical Free Natural Herbs Ingredients.


Artemisia Vulgaris (तितेपाती), Liquorice(जेठीमधु), Turmeric(बेसार), Clove(ल्वाड़), Basil (तुलसी), Mentha leaves (पुदिनापात), Rose leaves (गुलाफपात)

Benefits According To Ayurveda
– Considered Good for Nervous System Calming Relaxing Effect (Stress Reliever)
– Considered Good for Digestion and helps in bowel movement
– Considered Good For Cold And Cough,Fights Mild Health Challenges
– Study Shows Boost Immunity.and contains Antioxidants

Direction of use
– Burn it :Use as Incense in ritual settings bringing about prophecy or divinatory needs.As suggested in Ayurveda and Yog Sadhana Strong Nautural Fragrance of Yagya Herbs mix also helps Removing Negative Energy-Aura from surrounding.Great for Deep meditation andhealing.As suggested by Ayurveda Great for nervous system(stress Reliever).After incense is burned the ashes are excellent as natural fertilizer for plants
– Sip it :BrewHerbal Tea Use 3 cups water-Break 1 stick-Boil-Strain –Add Honey or sweetener of choicetotaste.Enjoy(Optional:Add in a handful of mint, lemon balm, or otherherb ofchoice! Youcan also turn this into a herbal latte by steaming someplant milkon the stove top.)
– Scrub it:During Bath Scrub your body along with salt for Cleansing and purifying our body.
– Steam It: As Ayurveda Suggest Excellent for Cough and cold and boosting immunity ..Put 1stick Yagya Rolls insteamer and inhale and exhale for 2 mins covering withtowel .Optional can addMentol or essential Oils.
– Smell it:Yagya Sticks can be Smelled directly for pleasant natural fragrance and Positivity , Also Yagya sticks can be placed under your pillow to prevent astral attacks or getting Good Night Sleep..Promotes Lucid Dreaming